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Automated Underwriting Systems (AUS)

(Lender’s Handbook, Chapter 4, Topic 8)

Basic Loan Guidelines and TermsVA has approved the use of 5 Automated Underwriting Systems for use with VA loans, including Loan Prospector, Desktop Underwriter, CLUES, ZIPPY, and PMI Aura. Lenders may be guided by an “Accept/Approve” rating from an AUS in deciding whether a loan may be approved. Documentation requirements for loans processed through an AUS may be found in the Lender’s Handbook.

In lieu of the underwriter’s certification on the loan analysis, lender’s must complete and sign the following certification for “Accept/Approve” loans:

“I, the undersigned lender, hereby certify that case number (insert VA loan number) was processed through (name of AUS used) and received an ‘Accept/Approve’ rating. I further certify that all information entered into the system has been verified and that any credit discrepancies have been reconciled”

This certification and the AUS Feedback Certificate must be maintained in the loan package and submitted to VA, upon request.

Data Integrity

Lenders must exercise care to ensure that data entered into an AUS is accurate and supported by documentation obtained by the lender. An “Approve/Accept” rating is voided if it is based on inaccurate or unverified data. In some cases, it could also result in a finding of material misrepresentation, which could affect the validity of the guaranty.

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Toll Free: 866-569-8272

No Obligation. Quick & Easy. Call Today!

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